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  • Jana Knapová

10Mila - 17th place for SNO ladies

10Mila - biggest swedish team event - took place in Lugnet, Falun the second weekend in May.

Amazing experience as always.

Really nice courses awaited us.

This year, we had a really strong, although still young team (compared to others):

SNO lag 538

Södertälje-Nykvarn OF 1

1. Frida Jönsson Hellstadius

2. Moa Leijon Lind

3. Vendula Horčičková

4. Jeanette Jönsson Hellstadius

5. Jana Knapová

We finished on 17. place. Great result, as we managed to get into top20 (among 300+ teams competing)!

GPS (for the whole event)

TV broadcast

It's always great to come back to Sweden and run with these girls!

Let's see how we will fight on Jukola/Venla in June ;)

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