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After amazing 7 years in SNO, in current situation, I felt the need to move on and I've decided to grab the given opportunities. I came to Södertälje - Nykvarn Orientering right after the end of my junior class. It's impossible to describe how much the club gave me, not only from the orienteering point of view - mastering my O-skills in (not only) scandinavian terrain - but from many others. I learnt a lot about the training in general, I met so many great athletes and inspiring people. But moreover it gave me great friends. I have so many awesome memories that will never disappear! Same as will last the friendships we made! These are not things that change with the change of a running jersey, at least not for me.

These are some of the things that made SNO era special for me:

Tveta - perfect traditional clubhouse by the lake

- living in Tveta with Ralph and Ivar - pizza and ketchup (not for me)


- stylish red car you wish you could go with to every training and competition - realizing, while tanking in petrol, that you can easily see through the whole car due to corrosion - starting to be afraid to go with the car to every training and competition - still being sad when Simone was replaced by another

Paradiset terrain - terrain where getting lost still feels like paradise

Södertälje - meeting people, discovering places, house in Östertälje, midsommar with Karin, boats on the waters where Mälaren touches the sea, visiting penfriends Lars and Evy, and many runs around

- Mimmos Pizzeria

- Gröndal - coaching running for Scania people there - and talking about it with Ralph

- all the trainings Räkan prepared for us - Sjukhuset - where I spend 5 hours with a cut in my knee - and, apart from 8 stitches, got my temporary swedish personalnummer. Finland - where we spent great times every year on Jukola and Venla, the same place where we took ferry boats, the same place where we broke the car's gas tank, were catching pouring petrol in plastic bottles and then on Jonas command all chewed a chewing gum, spitted it into his hand to make a big ball repairing the tank (that's how pros do it). Räkan's tiger T-shirt Backstreet Boys revival - by duo Ivar and Ralph ..better to stop here. But above all, all the time we spent together on trainings, training camps and competitions. All the 10mila, Jukola, watching boys getting on the podium and then winning it! Thrilling!! Being with the girls on the podium among all the best athletes! Amazing!! Sharing training and knowledge in Spain, Portugal, Grand Canaria, and of course in Sweden and Finland. These are the people I want to thank especially: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR ME AND FOR SIMPLY BEING AWESOME! THANK YOU SNO!

(It's hard not to miss somebody, you all know it's for you too.) Anders Axelsson

Andreu Blanes

Anna Kindlundh Bartosz Pawlak

Björn Axelsson

brothers Ohlsson

Daniel Olsen - Bäre

Emma Isaksson Erik Liljequist Erik Börjeskog

family Borg family Kleijn

family Larsson

Fiona Bunn

Frida Hellstadius

Ivar Lundanes

Jan Brunner

Jeanette Jönsson Hellstadius

Jesper Sjöblom

Jo Stevenson

Joakim Andén

Jonas Leandersson Karin and Matthias Leonhardt

Mats Hellstadius Michał Olejnik

Moa Leijon Lind Pål Skogtjärn Ralph Street

photos by: Anna Kindlundh, Urban Larsson, Jeanette Jönsson Hellstadius, Jonas Leandersson, Lars Rönnols, Petr Kadeřávek, Inga Dambe and SNO

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